Which is the first "Kannada" movie?


"Sati Sulochana" is the first Kannada-language film, according to Indian film news website Chitraloka. The source states that the film was released in 1934 at the dawn of the Karnataka film industry's production activities.

Chitraloka notes that the first film in Kannada was released just three years after the first Indian film of the sound era came out in 1931. The historical overview provided on the website also reports that while "Sati Sulochana" was the first Kannada-language film to be released, it was the second to enter production after "Bhakta Dhruva." The source mentions that "Sati Sulochana" was 173 minutes in length, featured 15 songs and was based on an episode from the Indian epic poem "The Ramayana."

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Sathi Sulochana in 1934.
Please tell me where you could watch it?
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