How can you use Karo syrup to relieve constipation?


To use Karo syrup for adult constipation, mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of Karo syrup in a glass filled with warm water. This mixture should be consumed once a day until the constipation was relieved. Karo syrup has less potent effect than laxatives.
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1. Stir 1 to 2 tsp. of Karo syrup into a glass of warm water. The warm water will assist in treating the blocked bowel. 2. Drink the entire glass of water with the Karo syrup in it.
Karo Syrup is a specific brand of corn syrup. Corn syrup is mostly marketed in the United States and can be used in recipes for everything from candy to pecan pie. Yum!
Doctors suggest adding Karo syrup to water for constipation.Many
1 tablespoon in a bottle.
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How to Use Karo Syrup for Constipation
Constipation is a common affliction that affects millions of people worldwide. Constipation can be a one-time problem or it can be a reoccurring malady that requires dietary changes or regular treatment. Karo syrup is a corn syrup that is sometimes used... More »
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Karo syrup is a product made from corn syrup, which is normally used in baking or cooking. However, Karo syrup is not as sweet as the other syrups and it is normally ...
To make baby formula with Karo syrup, you must first boil approximately 20 oz of water and then allow the water to cool to room temperature. Add one can of evaporated ...
The combination of evaporated milk and light karo Syrup as a baby formula substitute has been used for generations. The proportions are 12-13 oz. evaporated (Pet ...
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