How to Program a Karr Alarm Remote?


The first step in setting up your Karr Alarm remote is to sit in your car with the remote and turn the ignition to 'on'. Next is to switch your alarm system on and off for 3 times. Afterwards, you will need to hold down the transmitter button on the remote for 3 seconds and wait for the system to make a sound again.
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1. Sit in your car with your Karr remote. Turn your ignition key in the ignition to the "On" position. 2. Move the valet switch on the alarm system to "On" and
Car alarms work by being wired to the cars doors and ignition. When the car is broken into without the alarm being deactivated, the ignition will not work to turn on the car.
1. Gather information and devise an installation plan. Planning ahead can shave hours off your installation time. In particular, gather documents and manuals outlining your car's
1. Ensure you fully understand the alarm installation manual and the connections required. Open the hood and disconnect the positive battery cable. 2. Push the driver seat all the
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The Karr alarm is a standard car alarm that can be programmed for any car with a security feature. It offers you a full featured vehicle security system. It gives you a key-less entry convenience with personal protection. Like many other security systems, it comes with a panic button. You can install the system yourself or you can go to any auto store and they will install it. Once you have the system installed, you will need to program the remote. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.
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To program a Karr Alarm remote, turn you ignition to the on position. Move the vehicle valet switch on-off three times. Then hold down the center transmitter button ...
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