Is Kathleen Battle married?


According to public record, the African-American soprano Kathleen Battle has never been married. Born on Aug. 13, 1948, Battle has been hailed as one of America's greatest musical talents for over 40 years.

While her romantic exploits have remained under wraps, Battle's well-documented musical dramatics have not. She is just as famous for her diva-like antics off-stage as she is for her wonderful performances on-stage. In fact, Battle has not only performed with one opera company; she was fired from a production of "Carmen" at the New York Metropolitan Opera in 1996. Since then she has maintained a vibrant string of solo concerts as she nears the twilight of her career.

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Kathleen Battle was born on August 13, 1948.'...
Kathleen Battle is an American soprano singer who studied with Franklin Bens and has released
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She's an American opera singer born in 1948.
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