Keep Dogs off Lawn?


There are several safe methods to keep dogs off a lawn without harming either. One suggestion is to spread coffee grounds around the lawn. It does not matter if it's decaf or not. It has the bonus of fertilizing the lawn, as well.
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1. Sprinkle cayenne pepper over your lawn. There may be a few dogs that won't be affected, but the strong scent of cayenne pepper tends to drive most dogs away. You can sprinkle it
1. Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1 gallon of water. Water yellow spots on your lawn every three days. The animal will no longer recognize the marked area. 2. Sprinkle coffee grounds
Flys are very nasty creaters and they are very bad this year on not only dogs but people too. To get rid of flys just take a spray bottle and fill half with some colored listerene
You might want to pick up a product called "Bitter Apple. Other products might work (e.g. vinegar) but they might also harm your lawn.
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One of the home remedies to keep dogs off your lawn is to put garlic, chili pepper, or vinegar soaked in cotton balls in several areas of your lawn. Using motion-activated ...
Although rabbits are cute, they can be an annoying pest on the lawn. To keep them off, try trapping them. After trapping them give them over to animal control. ...
Fertilizers may hurt your dogs if ingested. If the fertilizer gets on their pads it can be caustic. Then when they lick their paws, it will be ingested. Lawn enhancers ...
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