How do I keep skunks away?


Most homeowners prefer to keep skunks away from their yards. Some of the ways to keep skunks away include minimizing all sources of food, including garbage, rodents, and even grubs. Make sure holes are boarded up and there are no convenient hiding places for skunks to use as a home.
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1. Remove wood and rock piles, which can function as skunk hiding places, from your property. 2. Pick up outdoor dog bowls in the afternoon. Skunks quickly learn that they can find
The efficacy of skunk repellent sprays and yard treatments is overstated. Mixing hot sauce,
moth balls, used liberally. they are harmless to flowers and shrubs, but should not be used directly in a vegetable garden, strawberry patch, etc. Drop them liberally around the perimeter
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To keep skunks away, you could use repellents. You can also use certain ultrasonic devices although they are not very effective. Finally, you could throw away your trash frequently as this is usually what draws them.
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