How to Keep a Wild Pet Salamander?


To keep a wild pet salamander you needs to do the following. Know the species type of the pet. Male the pet feel at home by feeding such as crickets brine, treating with care. Keep them in glass tank so that they can swim well.
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1. Identify the species of wild salamander that you have. In order to properly care for your pet; it will be important to first determine any special needs it may have beyond basic
you have to find a cage and put grass in it. put water on one side and put little fish in it. that is it. mine goes in the water and ate all the fish fast so i had to buy more and
Find an old fish tank to make a home for the salamander. A tank
1 Buy or build a suitable cage. Lovebirds need tall cages with lots of perches of different diameters to climb around on. Like other parrots, they use their beaks and their feet to
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