How do you keep birds away?


You can keep birds away through using scare tactics or tying red metallic ribbons to your planters. You may use a poster featuring a cat or cause some racket. Use of fertilizers is also an alternative method but excessive use of it may cause damage to plants.
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Wondering how to keep deer away from plants? Although deer are cute woodland creatures, they can also be destructive thieves who prey on your innocent plants. To make matters worse,
Netting suspended over the plants and snug to the ground will work. Another option is mylar tape strung up in the rows about 5 inches from the ground. Mylar tape is a shiny red and
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1 Our favorite and most effective is: Using fishing line, string an X formation or grid above the pool. (high enough not to be a hazard) Birds see 10times more than we do, it will
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