Keeping Flies Away outside?


There are several strategies one can use to keep flies away while one is outside. One way is to fill up a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and water and spray the area to be used. It is most affective to spray areas in which will have sticky drinks or food.
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There are many ways one can keep flies away outside. There are fly traps that can be bought at most retail stores. Further, there are many types of insect sprays for the body that
1. Fill a ziplock bag half way with water. We prefer using a medium sized ziplock bag. Add a few pennies (4 or 5) to the water. 2. Zip the plastic bag shut making sure it is securely
I've always heard old women swear that hanging a ziplock bag of water with an alka seltzer in it will keep them away. They say the bubbles from the alka seltzer look like spider eyes
Window screens and good sanitation will do wonders. Those plastic bags full of water are merely folklore.
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When you are having a cookout, keeping flies off your food can be a real pain. You can use a simple solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to keep flies off your ...
Basil is a plant that grows all year round. It is not only edible but also has medicinal value. Basil repels insects such as flies, mosquitoes and bugs. ...
Flies tend to steer clear of water in clear plastic bags because of their eyesight. A clear plastic bag reflects the sun and because of a flies prismatic eyesight ...
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