Where can I get a Kenmore 70 Series dryer repaired?


If you own a Kenmore 70 Series dryer and it needs repaired, you can call Kenmore. If the item is fairly new, repairs may be covered under warranty. For service, and questions, you can contact 1-888-Kenmore.
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1. Unplug the electrical cord of the Kenmore 70 Series dryer from the electrical outlet before attempting to replace the heating element. 2. Slide a putty knife between the lower
Without having the manual available, the best choice would be to: Purchase a replacement dryer belt in advance of your repair. Unplug the dryer and ensure that the unit is powered
1. Make sure the drive belt is looped around the dryer
Mine is on the bottom right side enclosed within a metal jacket. When you go to the parts store bring the metal enclosure with you. You may end up saving a few dollars by not having
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