What Is the CU FT Capacity of Kenmore 80 Series Washing Machine?


Depending on the model you get, the Kenmore 80 series washing machines have anywhere from a 3.4 cubic foot capacity to a 4.7 cu. ft. capacity. The Kenmore 80 series washing machines are available in both top loading and front loading models.
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1. Move the washer away from the wall if you find the washer is not draining as well as it should. Untangle the drain hose if it is twisted. Check the drain hose for holes or pinches
3.2 cu ft - 3.5 cu ft. the Heavy Duty 80 Series Extra Capacity Plus is 3.5 cu ft. (Called and spoke with Kenmore.com tech today to get the answer for my own machine)
Copy and paste this conversation into an email addressed to sales@affordableappliance.com I will then email a file I made to show you how to install the lid switch. WHile apart.I
To replace a motor coupling on a Kenmore top loader, follow this link: http://www.fixya.com/support/r385250-replacing_motor_coupling_kenmore_top Included are all the step-by step
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According to a local appliance repairman in order to open the top of a top-load washing machine you simply wait for the machine to be finished and lift the lid ...
The Kenmore 70 series is a washing machine produced by Kenmore. To open the top of one of these washing machines, first unplug it and open up the end caps on the ...
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