Kenmore Chest Freezer?


Kenmore chest freezers are made by Whirlpool. There made in a variety of different locations. Some of them are made in the US. However, the majority of them are made in China.
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The clicking is the compressor trying to start. Probably a better bet to replace rather than try to repair with new compressor and electrics, drier and gas.
Whirlpool makes kenmore and a lot of other "brands" In fact Sears is LYING when they say "kenmore is the best selling appliance in the world" because Whirlpool
1. Open the freezer door. 2. Locate the "High Temp Alarm" switch, located on the bottom-right of the freezer's door jamb. 3. Move the switch to the "Off" position
It not size but rather capacity. the capacity will be the ac power consumption AC volts X AC current that will get Watts. So the capacity of the inverter should be the same watts
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