How do you repair Kenmore Elite Oasis dryer error codes?


Repairing the Kenmore Elite Oasis Dryer Error codes is something that can be done by resetting it. You can also try to solve the problem the error is telling you about. Other than that, call customer service for further help.
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1. Press and hold the "Start" button to restart the dryer cycle if the "PF" (power failure) error code appears. This code often appears when a cycle is interrupted
The F32 error code indicates a water level pressure switch failure. This is normally caused by wiring connection problem or a failed pressure switch. If you are able to unplug the
The F35 error indicates that the main control board detects a
The water inlet hoses are probably removed and reconnected in reverse, and then trigger the HC error code to flash indicating the hot and cold water inlet hoses are reversed. Reconnect
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