How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite Range?


The Kenmore Elite Range owners manual is essential. This will guide you in troubleshooting a Kenmore Elite Range. You try for the owners manual.
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1. Blot spills on the range top with an absorbent cloth. Use a wet cloth to rinse the area, and then wipe it dry with another clean cloth. 2. Apply mild cleaners to stained areas
(800) 252-1698. Monday - Friday 7am - 9pm Central time. Saturday - Sunday 9am - 7pm Central time. Give them your model number and tell them you want a manual.
Http:// is for the dryer.
Very simple. I do it all the time for manuals. Go to there someplace they will have (generally they have) a place for manuals. you would have to type in the model number
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It can be very important to have the instruction manual with any appliance. This is true for a Kenmore range as well. Perhaps it was bought new and the owner's ...
I purchased a KENMORE Elite Model #79097503000 Serial # NFO4224638 at the Sears outlet in Voorhees, NJ. However, I never got a manual with the stove. The store ...
The Kenmore Elite Range is a product line that covers a number of different sizes and features and is available in both gas and electric options. The Kenmore ...
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