How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore HE2 Plus Washer?


1 Check for any error codes in the Estimated Time Remaining display. The code "F20" indicates a water inlet problem. Press the Stop button twice to end the cycle and check that the faucets are turned on fully. Take a look at the inlet hoses. Close
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The CCU is the Central Control Unit,on your washer their are a total of 3 control board the MCU (motor control unit) it on the bottom front under the access panel below the door,
Duet washer service manual
Probably a bad water solenoid in the back where the hoses connect up.
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1. Make sure the washing machine is plugged in if you have recently moved the unit to a new location in your home. Don't use an extension cord or power bar with ...
As of January 2013, the Kenmore Ultra Wash sells for $399.99 to $479.00, plus tax and shipping.The Kenmore Ultra Wash was produced from the years 2010 to present ...
I personally love Kenmore, I have been using this brand for years and never had a single problem. Plus they are energy efficient, which is a plus. ...
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