How can you use the self-cleaning function on a Kenmore oven?


To use the self-cleaning function on a modern Kenmore oven, remove all food, cooking containers and aluminum foil from the oven compartment, close the oven door and push the Flex Clean. This function will vary based on the model.

When the self-clean cycle is complete and the oven compartment has cooled, wipe it clean with heavy-duty paper towels or a cloth rag. The self-cleaning function in modern Kenmore ovens operates the door lock mechanism automatically. Older Kenmore oven models have a manual latching mechanism on the oven door that must be locked by hand. After manually locking this type of model, find and push the self-clean button on the main control console to begin the cleaning process.

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1. Turn off all of the stove elements and oven. Make sure everything has completely cooled before cleaning the Kenmore stove. 2. Remove the elements from the top of the stove. They
It looks like Keegan gave you a good answer. But since this can be a difficult repair, you may want to get step by step instructions. I do work for Sears and you can ask our experts
First of all, don't do it too often. It will burn out the enamel of the oven. Don't do it more than 3-4 times a year.
What is the model number?
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Kenmore Self-Cleaning Stove Instructions
Kenmore self-cleaning ovens come in both gas and electric varieties. They make cleaning your kitchen much easier as you have to do much less work than you would with an oven without a self-cleaning feature. When an oven self cleans it reaches much higher... More »
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