How to Reset a Side-by-Side Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker?


A person can reset a side by side Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker by toggling it to the Off position. The Kenmore side by side refrigerator should also have the ice bin emptied. The hands should be dry at all times.
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1. Hold the "On/Off" button for several seconds to turn off the refrigerator a couple of hours before you plan on starting the move to give the evaporator time to defrost.
I'm not familiar with that model number. Are you sure you're looking in the right place.
The liquid coolant will pool in "gaseous" lines. Usually if you stand the refrigerator up properly for 24 hours it will go back to working normally.
1 On the very top of the fridge, above the freezer door (you may need a step ladder) remove the two star screws (using a star driver, just a few dollars from local hardware store)
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