Kenmore Washer Won't Spin?


Often when a Kenmore brand washer won't spin, the switch in the lid has not be engaged. To troubleshoot, make sure the lid switch is not broken and manually press it before running the cycle again. If this does not resolve the issue, the switch may be faulty or there could be an issue with the water level switch or washer coupler.
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1. Check the display for error code “F02.” F02 indicates problems with the draining. 2. Check that the drain hose end isn’t too high. The drain hose end should be
Sounds like your clutch or belt might be slipping. Use the practical troubleshooting guide below to find your problem. Good Luck.….
Sometimes the drain pump goes bad which prevents the water from draining and then spinning. If this isn't a direct drive model then a simply fix to replace the drain pump and belt
Ensure that the
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The materials that you will need to bypass a spin switch on a Kenmore washer is a screwdriver, insulated wire and some wire strippers. The first thing that you ...
To fix a Kenmore 80 series washer that is not spinning you need to check the coupler. If the coupler is not broken, then you can more on to see if the motor is ...
The capacity of the Kenmore 70 Series washer is 3.5 cubic feet. It has a 700 max spin cycle. It can hold 28 large t-shirts to wash. It is available in both electric ...
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