What is the value of a Kennedy half dollar?


The Kennedy half dollar is still in circulation, and still being minted by the US Treasury. They began minting in 1964, the year after the Kennedy assassination. In mid-December 2012, a 1964 coin was worth approximately $11.65, based on current silver prices.
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All Kennedy half dollars struck for general circulation from 1971 to date are made of 75% copper & 25% nickel not silver and are only face value. 1964 are 90% silver and 1965-
Answer All circulation half dollars dated 1971 and later are made of copper-nickel, so if you received it in change it has no extra value. A high-quality uncirculated one might retail
of 12/2010, at least $11 just for the silver it contains. Unfortunately, it is so common and so widely saved it is worth very little more as a collectible, so many have been melted.
1987 P and D halves were only issued in Uncirculated and Souvenir sets, and not for circulation, while 1987-S halves were only sold as proof coins. As of 02/2010 a P or D issue sells
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