What is the clothing of Kenya?


Kenya clothing is varied in style since there are over 70 different ethnic groups or tribes. A lot of the country will wear the Western style of clothing. Along the coast in places like Lamu or Mombasa, they will wear the Arabic style of dress since a lot of them are Muslim. The Masai Maria tribe has stuck to their traditional roots and dress which includes wearing colorful wraps called a kanga and vest plate-like beaded necklaces.
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what do people in kenya wear?
none as long as you wear clothes the native women do not like to see the white folks bare top. maybe the bottom, but wear at least a teshirt different in Mombasa's beaches, nakedness
Hi Cailet, People in Kenya ware different kinds of clothing. Many ware western style clothes especially those who live and work in the cites while those who lead more traditional
By and large, men in Kenya dress in dashiki (a colorful men's garment widely worn in West Africa that covers the top half of the body), kanzu (a white or cream colored robe), and
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