Kerosene Smell out of Clothes?


Unfortunately, it is usually easier to remove a kerosene stain from clothing and fabric than the awful smell. You are actually going to want to use a combination of dish detergent, preferably Dawn, facial cleaner and shampoo for oily hair. The combination of these products will remove the stain and smell.
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1. Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the spilled kerosene. Let it sit for 30 minutes before holding the clothing over a trash can and brushing the soda or cornstarch off with
The ONLY way to get the smell of fuel - kerosene, diesel, gasoline - out of your clothes is to put them in the sun and let the fumes evaporate. Every other remedy is a waste of time
Try rubbing baking soda into the fabric. And put vinegar into the wash and
Put a cup or two of Mr Clean or Simple Green in hot wash water and let it set for a few hours,continue the cycle and wash again with baking soda added to the wash water. You may need
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How to Get the Kerosene Smell Out of Clothes
With the rising cost of utilities during the cold winter months, homeowners are looking for ways to stay warm without increasing their gas and electric budget. Kerosene heaters keep your home warm without raising your utility bills. Unfortunately,... More »
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