Khandi Alexander Is Married to?


Khandi Alexander is well known for being a television actress, a dancer and a choreographer. She played the role of Dr. Alexx Woods on the CSI: Miami television series, a recurring role on ER as a sister to Dr. Peter Benton and currently stars on the HBO series Treme. Alexandar was born in New York City and was a choreographer for Whitney Houston's world tour. She is not currently married to anyone or if she is married it is not public knowledge.
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4 September 1957 , New York City, New York, USA
She probably had enough money so she didnt sign a new contract. i think that her and david caruso had some issues and she didn't like where the show was headed.
Actress Khandi Alexander is 51 years old. She was born on September 4,
does it really matter? shes so hot and such an awesome actress!
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