How to replace the alternator belt in a kia spectra 5?


1. Park the KIA Spectra and engage the parking brake. Open the hood. 2. Locate the alternator on the top driver side of the engine. The alternator has an adjustment bracket on top of the alternator and a pivot bolt on the bottom of the alternator. 3.
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Some features of the Kia Rio5 are a 5 door option, and a gasoline direct engine. Gas mileage in the city is 28 mpg, and highway gas mileage is 36 mpg.
The 2007 Kia Spectra 5 Hatchback is listed at MPG:27 city and MPG:
Yes, it is good if it is a newer model. The 1990's versions and early 2000's models were not so great.
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