How to Fix the Automatic Car Windows in a Kia Optima.?


1. Check the fuse for the power windows. Operate the windows and see if the problem is isolated to one window. If not, the switch is most likely bad and needs more diagnosing. 2. Remove the door panel to the inoperative window. Start by removing the
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starter on 1999 kia sephia. the starter on a 1999 kia sephia in located underneathe the intake manifold nearest to the drivers side if you look near the fire wall on the drivers side
I have bad news for you p0604 is a transmission control module check the connection at the transmission control module if there are no connection issues than you will need to replace
None. The stock base model Kia Rio comes in with manual winding windows, no air conditioning, no power steering. You can add these features for a price.
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The 2006 Kia Spectra is a compact sedan that comes in both four speed automatic and a five speed manual transmission. There are six airbags and the price, like ...
Most of the time yes, you can take a transmission from one Kia Spectra to a Kia Sephia. Other times you cannot, such as if one had a manual and the other an automatic ...
1. Park the vehicle on a level surface. Shift manual transmissions into first or reverse gear and automatic transmissions into "Park." Block the front ...
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