Kia Oil Change Coupons?


Many times if you buy a brand new Kia, you will be given a certain amount of Kia oil change coupons that you can use for your Kia vehicle. If you don't buy your Kia from a dealership, you may still be able to get some Kia oil change coupons when you bring your car in for service. Otherwise, you are still able to get your oil changed at the dealership regardless of a coupon. Most dealerships have a service center that does tires, oil change and other work on vehicles.
Q&A Related to "Kia Oil Change Coupons?"
1. Warm the engine to normal operating temperature. Remove the oil filler cap under the hood to release pressure in the system; wear gloves, as parts of the engine will be hot. Raise
every 3 - 4,000 miles.
Use floor jack to raise the car off the floor and put jack stands under the
The oil filter is towards the front of the car, underneath on the passenger side, at the corner of the engine cradle. Loosen the drain plug and drain the oil. Make sure the old oil
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