Kicked in the Stomach While Pregnant?


If you are kicked on the stomach while pregnant, you should first check if you are bleeding. If you are not bleeding and you can feel the baby moving, then you are okay. However, it is wise to see a doctor for a checkup.
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This may be a "red flag" dream that needs your serious attention. Wife abusers frequently kick their pregnant spouses in the stomach. If this image appears in your dream
Stomach pain and bleeding can be caused by an ectopic
If there was no bleeding or pain after wards the baby would probably be fine. Any pregnancy bleeding should be discussed with a doctor. A miscarriage causes lots of bleeding, way
As early as 4 months, you can feel the kick of your baby inside your womb. Have a regular check up!
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Stomach virus while pregnant is also known as gastroenteritis or stomach flu. The virus occurs due to the fact that pregnancy weakens a woman's immune system but ...
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