Kids Wearing Goodnites?


Goodnites are leakage protection underwear for boys and girls ages 4 and up. Kids wear Goodnites the same as underwear. Children can wear Goodnites even if they do not have bedwetting issues.
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1. Choose a package of GoodNites diapers that are the correct gender, and size for your child. GoodNites that are too large may shift at night, resulting in leakage. GoodNites that
If your thin and have light wetting they can work out vary well. They fit just like underwear and no body has to know.
Goodnites are a an absorbent underwear for girls or boys that still may
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Goodnites are a pull up designed for older kids to wear overnight. They look a lot like real underwear so they can be discrete. To use them at camp you can put ...
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