How do you kill a pine tree?


Pine trees are great decorations and also have a fantastic aroma. If you want to kill a pine tree, you should first chop it down. Then you can take some lighter fluid and burn the roots, or dig them up.
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1. Band the pine trees by removing a 3-inch strip of bark going around the trunk. Make sure you cut and remove the bark in the strip. 2. Drill a hole into the pine tree with a paddle
pure copper nail and not (plated) can actually kill a tree if the nail is long enough, usually the longest nails are the roof nails, you'd have to put hammer it in the roots and eventually
An axe to the brain... Just make sure you give it some morphine so that it's humane and all. By the way, killing a tree without actually cutting it down yourself is stupid. Especially
The mountain pine beetle is killing pine trees in Ohio and across the US. The
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How to Kill Pine Trees
Sometimes pine trees can grow like weeds in your lawn or pasture land, and if you don't get rid of them you'll be living in a forest. You may have a pine trees growing in the wrong spot and you need to kill them to clear the area. Too many pine trees in... More »
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