What is the whistle song in "Kill Bill"?


The whistle song in "Kill Bill" is entitled "Twisted Nerve," composed by Bernard Herrmann. In the movie, Elle Driver whistles this tune on her way to the hospital room where the Bride is lying comatose.

The song, "Twisted Nerve," was originally composed for a British psychological thriller of the same name back in 1968. The movie, directed by Roy Boulting, features a young man, Martin, who repeatedly whistles this tune whenever he stalks women. This tune is also featured in the first season of "American Horror Story." As Tate Langdon walks through the hallways of his school, this song plays in the background.

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Twisted Nerve, the whistling song whistled by the character Elle Driver in Kill Bill, is originally the theme song from the movie Twisted Nerve and was composed by Bernard Hermann.
Elle Driver, played by Daryl Hannah, is whistling 'Twisted
The movie Kill Bill features Daryl Hannah's character whistling the same unnerving tune as from the 1968 film Twisted Nerve. Composed by Bernard Herrmann
Twisted nerve by Bernard Herman
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