Kill Grub Worms?


There are different products and methods available to kill grub worms. There are pre-made products that you can buy in the store or remedies you can make with household products. Soap and detergent are supposed to be an effective way to kill grub worms.
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1. Pour 1 gallon water into a 2 gallon stock pot. 2. Heat the pot until the water comes to a boil. 3. Add 6 minced garlic cloves and 1-1/2 cup liquid dish detergent to the water.
Contact your local garden store and ask them for the "Diazanon alternative" (because Diazanon is no longer legal) Then, the time to apply would be 14 days after peak numbers
Spray-N-Grow makes a natural garden pesticide for killing grub worms. It is called "Grub Beater" It is safe and its contents are derived from the neem tree. It will eliminate
Did you mean a grub worm? A Grub worm is a thick worm-like larva of certain beetles and other
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How to Kill Grub Worms
If you have grub worms as a constant pest in your yard, you are not alone. Grub worms, also known as June beetles, are a common nuisance that can cause severe damage to your plants and grass. Aside from causing damage, they also attract other pests... More »
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Grub worms, also called lawn grubs, white grubs, or curl grubs, are little white pests that live in soil. They are the larval forms of the adult June beetle. They ...
Grub worms are the larvae of the May or June beetle, and they are frequent lawn pests that are very hard to control. The worms are mostly found in the top soil ...
To kill grubs, a person can use a bug and insect killer. A good products is Bayers 24 Hours Grub Killer. This product can be found at Home Depot and Lowes in the ...
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