How do you stop tooth nerve pain?


To kill nerve pain in the tooth, you can try to apply pressure to the tooth that is hurting from the outside of the cheek. Using a castor oil pack may help to kill nerve pain in the tooth. Applying clove oil, or a peg of clove directly at the site of the nerve pain is used by dentists when other remedies, or stronger analgesics are nor permitted. Clove creates a numbing sensation that should activate quickly and last up to 90 minutes.
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The medicament will make the tooth non-vital and will kill the nerve. If the tooth was infected before procedure, then your dentist should have given you antibiotics before. Intrapulpal
I would not try and kill a nerve in your tooth, it leads to having to have a root canal! Thanks!
1. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Do not use hot water or mouthwash if you think you have tooth decay. It will burn. 2. Add four pieces of clove to an airtight container. Use six
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How to Manage Tooth Pain
Tooth pain can get quite intense to the point where it disrupts life, making it difficult to eat, sleep and concentrate. Unfortunately, toothaches tend to strike on nights, weekends and holidays, when the dentist's office is closed. Fortunately, there... More »
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