Killer Whales Food Chain?


Killer Whales, also known as, orcas (orcinus orcas) is a toothed whale and predator in the arctic. The killer whale is at the top of the food chain. The chain looks like this:Killer Whale > Seal > Squid > Fish > Zooplankton > PhytoplanktonOf course, humans are at the top of every food chain.
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Top ot bottom: sun. plankton. small fish. large fish. seal. killer whale<it could eat the large fish or the seal: >
As the previous poster stated, killer whales are apex predators, however, I don't believe that removing them would have no effect; the removal of apex predators can have detrimental
A killer whale's favorite meal is king salmon, according to a new study that
whale shark food chain Humans. Although protected in many countries, Taiwanese catches and eat them. Whale shark meat is sold in a lot of restaurants and is called 'Tofu shark'.
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