Killing Mesquite Trees?


A chainsaw would be a greatly help if you are planning to kill mesquite trees or its branches. Use a chainsaw or a hatchet to cut it down as close to the roots as possible. Spray a mixture of herbicide directly on the tree stumps.
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1. Don protective gloves, long sleeves, jeans, boots and goggles and cut the mesquite tree down to its root, using the chainsaw. Remove all cut branches and leaves. 2. Combine 3 parts
use remedy, mix with diesel, use a back sprayer, unfortunately you need a pesticide application permit to buy the stuff in texas. dan.
Mesquite trees are hard to kill! Round-Up and Remedy are known to work, along with
1 Make the tree develop a central-leader. Western states are full of mesquites and Palo Verdes. Trees like this
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To use diesel effectively to kill mesquite trees, it's advised to mix it with a product called Remedy. It's mixed 3 quarts diesel to 1 quart Remedy. This product ...
The mesquite tree is native to northern Mexico as well as the Southwest in the U.S. Mesquite trees provide shade as well as wood for a barbecue. However, they ...
Mesquite is a leguminous spiny tree or shrub of the pea family, found in arid regions of south-western US and Mexico. This tree can grow to a height of 6 to 9cm ...
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