Kilns for Fusing Glass?


Some kilns that are used for fusing glass include the Skutt Glass Kiln. Clay King and Paragon Industries also make kilns that are great for fusing glass. The fusing process is begun when the glass inside the kiln reaches a certain temperature.
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1. Mix kiln wash with water according to manufacturer's directions. Wear a dust mask or respirator to avoid inhaling the powder. 2. Prepare your kiln by applying kiln wash to its
1 Obtain a pyrometer. One of the individual fundamental things you need when attempting the method of glass fusing is a pyrometer. What is a pyrometer? This tells you the hotness
One heats the glass so you can then blow it on a pipe. The other you take sheets of glass and place them in molds, heat them and they melt to form the shape of the mold (fusing) or
A glass kiln has heating elements on the top, as opposed to the ceramic kiln which has the heating elements around the sides. The glass kiln has molds for the glass to form to and
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How to Fuse Glass in a Kiln
Fused glass is a beautiful and intriguing form of glass art that's remarkably simple to do. You do need some familiarity with how your kiln works and a basic knowledge of glass working. However, fusing is much simpler than many other glass working... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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