Kimball Piano Prices?


Auction site eBay lists the Kimball made piano with bids starting at $100 and going all the way to a $19,000 starting price. There is a wide variation in the prices of the Kimball piano. The Kimball company began making their own pianos in 1888. Due to the worldwide drop of organ and piano sales in the 1980's and 1990's the Kimball organ and piano subsidiary was discontinued in 1996. Every worker at the company, including company executives signed the last Kimball grand piano. It was put on display in the Kimball showroom.
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1. Put work gloves over your hands. 2. Lower the lid on the Kimball grand piano and lock it into place. Pull down the key lid to cover the piano keys. 3. Wrap the surface of the Kimball
Age: Made in 1962 Price: I don't know.
Kimball started using letters in front of the serial number in the mid 1970s. 05063 is a pretty low number, so I'll guess it's around 1976-77. The Pierce Piano Atlas is the only universal
Kimball Piano Group was founded in 1857. The Kimball piano is very fine piano that stopped
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