How much do teachers get paid?


The salary for a teacher is different depending on experience, district, education, subject and grade level taught, and additional certifications. The pay ranges from $30,000 to $80,000 per year in most cases.
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The average salary for a teacher ranges from $40K to $45K. Teachers may make more due to experience or teaching in areas of special need. They always have an opportunity to earn more
I'm guessing it's similar to mine as a preschool teacher in a private school; about $13/hour, or $18,000/school year. That doesn't include summers. Also, in my case, no paid holidays
Preschool teachers typically work with children under the age of 5. A degree in early childhood education is preferred for this field, but not always required. These teachers do not
Not enough!
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A Montessori teacher's salary is approximately £18,556 per annum. These teachers give children of ages 2 and a half to six years teaching that nurtures ...
There is no connection. Some believe that teachers that make more money work harder, but usually teachers that make more money have been with the district for ...
The average salary of a teacher in early childhood with a bachelor's degree is between $35,000-$40,000 a year. This will vary some depending on the state in which ...
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