What are some of the different kinds of communication?


Different kinds of communication are used to express information and evoke a response. Nonverbal communication, such as body language, facial expression, and gestures describe a way of conveying meaning without using words. Oral communication most commonly refers to spoken use of words and may include discussions, speeches, and areas of interpersonal communication. Written communication has evolved over the years beginning when shared information was conveyed with pictogram that were made in stone. Later, writing on paper and clay became practical. More modern styles of written communication include the transfer of information through electronic mediums, such as text messaging and email.
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Electronic business services promote efficiency and enhance business communication. As an example, "Voice Over Internet Protocol" (VoIP) is a service that allows you to
Phones, Computers, Post office, sign language.
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A meeting or conference call where a decision is made, if formal meeting minutes or notes are not taken. A telephone call giving guidance to a member of the regulated community. A
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Elements of Human Communication
Communication is the essence of being human. There is little we do that isn't communication, either within ourselves or to others. Communication is described as the transmission of meanings through the use of symbols, but communication involves gestures,... More »
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