Kinds of Dinosaurs?


All dinosaurs fall into two kinds of groups, the Saurischiaÿand the Ornithischia. The two groups made their appearance during the Late Triassic Period about 230 years ago. Scientists began to describe dinosaurs in the early nineteenth century, and have since identified close to a thousand different species ranging from very small to incredibly large, weight several tons. Dinosaurs have been found to have existed on all continents. To learn more about dinosaurs you can visit your local Natural History museum, or find a book at your local library. Most people are familiar with the T Rex, and the brontosaurus.
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Kinds of Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs ruled the earth for over 150 million years. These massive creatures evolved into many different kinds, each with its own distinct features. Suddenly, these prehistoric giants met massive extinction about 65 million years ago. Although the... More »
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Hadrosaurs. The dinos widout teeth.
Stenonychosaurus has been called the most intelligent dinosaur. Com...
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You could divide dinosaurs into three categories: carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. Or, you coud divide them into two groups: those with a pelvis that points backwards and those
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Two different kinds of dinosaurs are carnivores and herbivores. Carnivore dinosaurs include the raptor, spinosaurus, and T-rex. These dinosaurs eat mostly meat ...
The kind of dinosaur that Duckie was in the movie 'The Land Before Time' was a parasaurolophus. However, they called Duckie's type a 'bigmouth' and 'swimmer.' ...
Dinosaurs that were omnivores (plant-eaters) included the following: heterodontosaurus, gallimimus, ornithomimus, oviraptor, therizinosaurs, and troodons. Many ...
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