Kinetic Molecular Theory for Liquids?


The kinetic molecular theory is used to describe gas as a large number of small particles. These particles are thought to be in motion constantly and move at random.
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The Kinetic molecular theory basically states that gasses are made up of a larger number of molecules that are moving. Now, in this constantly random movement the particles are bumping
Kinetic Energy: the energy an object has simply because of it's motion. gases: the molecules are always flying around. solids: they're compacted together. liquids: it's the same for
Brownian motion (named after Robert Brown, who fir.
The highest velocity molecules are lost.
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According to the kinetic molecular theory gases condense into liquids because of temperature. If a gas is cooled the particles can slow and condense into a liquid ...
According kinetic molecular theory, the molecules of solids are held together by attractive Coulombic forces between the charges of the molecules. The molecules ...
The kinetic molecular theory of a cooling gas is that the molecules start to move in a slower fashion and this causes many gasses to settle down and form liquid ...
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