King Baby Syndrome?


King Baby Syndrome is a syndrome in which an individual regresses to the maturity of an infant rather than an adult. It involves allowing the will and wants of the individual to dominate over the needs of people around them. Emotional maturity is stunted and remains at an infantile level. Some characteristics of King Baby Syndrome include wanting to control and dominate others, becoming easily frustrated and angry, disliking authority figures, and feeling unappreciated and lonely. Other symptoms include fear of failure, rejection, and the future, and demanding that individuals do things their way. Individuals with King Baby Syndrome often seek their identity in the lives of others.
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Shaken baby syndrome is caused when a small child is shook hard. The brain will move back and forth causing serious injury or even death.
This characteristic is immaturity - egocentricity. It's what we call at Hazelden the
Parents and caregivers may use this as a form of discipline to quiet a child who is crying excessively. They become frustrated after repeated attempts to resolve the crying, and that
It is not shaking baby it is shaken baby.
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