Where is the King Cobra situated within the food chain?


King cobras are considered tertiary consumers and are often the apex predator of a food web. According to Blue Planet Biomes, their only predators are human beings, birds of prey and the mongoose.

King cobras primarily prey upon other snakes, many of which, in turn, hunt herbivores. Although they may be weaned onto conventional snake food such as rodents when in captivity, king cobras generally hunt other predators, including pythons and the Asian rat snake. Some cobras specialize in eating only one particular snake species. Their diet sometimes includes animals below predator snakes on the food chain, but they are not the cobra's preferred meal.

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It's preferred diet. is mainly other venomous and non-venomous snakes but includes small reptiles, birds and amphibians as well. General Information. King Cobra Scientific Classification
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The Ashe's spitting cobra feeds on a large variety of other animals including birds, rodents, amphibians, eggs, and other reptiles. This niche makes it more of a generalist species.
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King cobras mostly eat snakes, but will also eat lizards, eggs and small mammals. King cobras are eaten by mongooses and birds of prey.
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