What does the phrase "King Henry died by drinking chocolate milk" mean?


King Henry Died by Drinking Chocolate Milk is a mnemonic. More specifically, it is a memory aid for the metric system. It stands for kilo, hecto, deca, base unit, deci, centi, and milli.
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'King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk' (or 'King Henry Died While Drinking Chocolate Milk' is a mnemonic to remember the metric system prefixes in order (largest to smallest
"King Henry died drinking chocolate milk"
It's a phrase to help remember metric prefixes. KHDMDCM or kilo, hecto, deca, (not sure about htis one) deci, centi and milli. Source(s) Last year's science teacher.
It is a way to remember the prefixes used in the metric system. kilo - king. hecto - henry. deka - drinks. base unit meter, liter, gram. deci - during. centi - castle. milli - meetings
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