Kings Island Season Pass?


The Kings Island season pass is available in gold and platinum. A gold season pass is available in six payments of fifteen dollars. It includes free parking, free admission to Soak City and Halloween Haunt. Gold pass holders are also allowed to enter the park early before the general public. They can also bring a friend for free for a day. Platinum pass holders can get free admission and parking at all Cedar Fair parks. They also get special ride times, and special discounts on food and merchandise. It is available in six payments of twenty-nine dollars.
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A 2009 Regular Season Pass to King's Island is $79.99.
Season passes are available online now. Adults are 94.99, and children are 69.99 with discounts for multiple purchases. Enjoy! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02
2006 GOLD SEASON PASS BENEFITS. All VIP benefits listed below are exclusive to Paramount’s Kings Island Gold Pass holders. All Gold Season Passes must be purchased prior to
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6300 Kings Island Dr, Kings Island, OH 45034
(513) 754-5700
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