What Is Kirigami?


Krigami is similar to origami. Instead of just folding the paper, you perform small cuts in the paper. Many more things can be made with this variation of origami.
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"Kirie" is the Japanese art of paper-cutting, and "Kirigami" is the application of cutting skills to origami. Origami does not use cutting or tearing, as folds
1. Fold the paper in half horizontally to create a rectangle. 2. Fold the bottom right corner up to meet the top edge, making a triangle, and unfold. Fold the top right corner down
Kirigami is similar to origami in that it is a form of paper art. In origami you fold paper, in
1 Take a piece of rectangular paper as shown. Fold where shown in the image. Ad 2 Cut off the rectangle at the end, to leave a triangle shape. 3 Fold the triangle in half again. 4
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the Japanese art or technique of cutting and folding paper into objects or designs.
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