How do I make a kissing smiley in a text message?


To make a kiss smiley through text message is to type colon followed by a dash and asterisk that will serve as the picture of the mouth. It will look like this ':-*'. A kiss smiley represents affection.
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1. Find the symbols on your phone's keyboard. These are commonly found in the "Symbols" menu of your text messaging keyboard. Though some phones with a full-size keyboard
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: and the * The finished product should look like :
: is the kiss smiley for texting. If you do it on the Mytouch 3G, there'll be a smiley icon kissing! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:45AM EST. Source
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Emoticons are text pictures used to express emotion, especially in e-mail and online chat. Some popular emoticons are :) or :-) (smiley) :( (sad) :D (laughing) ;) (winking). Some say emoticons were first created in 1982 .
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