Kissing a Married Man?


Kissing a married man has different implications depending on who the kisser is. If the person doing the kissing is the married man's wife then that is customary and acceptable within the marriage. If the person doing the kissing is not the man's wife then the kiss may be an innocent kiss from a friend, relative, or acquaintance. It may be on the lips or the cheek. If the kiss is on the lips and both the man and the kisser are interested in each other in a sexual way then this may be an affair.
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You will want to close your eyes and draw nearer to him until your lips meet. Tilting your head opposite of his so your noses don't bonk.
: It depends on what and who. If you kissed this married man because you were grateful and thankful, I don't think it is. A friendly kiss is not cheating. But if you intentionally
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In order to kiss the man you desire, you have to follow a few steps. First, you have to get him to take you out on a date. You can use the traditional "Bend and Snap" approach
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