Kissing with Eyes Open?


It is said that people who kiss with their eyes open really do not love the person they are kissing. However, some people just prefer to see the other person they're kissing while in the act. You can either kiss with your eyes open or closed, its up to you.
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It can be taken different ways, Some people say that they like to see their partner while kissing. Its also Been said those who do kiss with their eyes open, are not trust worthy.
1. Start a practice by intending to meditate with your eyes open on a regular basis. Initially you may choose a place and time where you are relatively free of distractions, or you
It is generally considered that guys who kiss with their eyes open
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It may not mean anything if a guy kisses his girlfriend with his eyes open. Maybe he just likes to kiss that way. He may just like to look at his girlfriends face ...
It usually doesn't mean anything when someone opens their eyes while kissing. Most likely, they simply wanted to glance at you. They may be inexperienced with ...
The answer to your question of what does it mean when a man keeps his eyes open when you kiss is nothing, it just means he likes to look at you while your kissing ...
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