How do you clean a kitchen grease trap?


The best way to clean a kitchen grease trap is to soak it in hot soapy water. The trap can be scrubbed with a bristled brush. Rinse with warm water and let air dry to finish cleaning it.
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1. Locate the grease trap and remove the lid. The location of the trap is usually not in the kitchen. It is usually in the basement of the restaurant. The process for removing the
1 Detach the lid from the grease trap gently with a pry bar. Be sure to go slowly through this process, as there are gaskets for the grease trap located just under the cover. If you
A grease trap (or. grease interceptor. is a plumbing attachment, usually a boxy receptacle, that collects grease from kitchen wastewater and prevents it from entering a septic or
( ′grēs ′trap ) (civil engineering) A trap in a drain or waste pipe to stop grease from entering a sewer system.
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How to Clean a Kitchen Grease Trap
A grease trap is a metal box placed in line with the kitchen drainage system to limit the amount of grease going into public sewer lines. When the water, full of grease flows into the box the grease coagulates and stays in the box. The water then runs... More »
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