Kittens Eyes Matted Shut?


Your kitten's eyes may keep matting shut because it has an eye infection. You should make a trip to the vet to get medication for the infection.
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It could be an eye infection. Use some warm salted water and cotton wool to gently clean the eye area and visit the vets to get some antibiotics to clear up the infection.
This is a very serious problem. They need eye ointment. The vet. needs to prescribe the ointment because it does matter which type you put in their eyes. Please, please, please take
Wiping the discharge from the matted eye helps keep the area clean, speed relief and provide comfort. Wet a soft, clean cloth or cotton ball with lukewarm water. Wring out any excess
O clean a kitten's infected eyes, brew one teabag's
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For a kitten's matted eyes you can wash gently with warm water and a cloth. If the fur is especially matted, you will want to take the cat to a groomer. They will ...
Your kitten might have an infection if you notice a clear or pus-like discharge that is sticky, and accompanied with redness and swelling. Use a warm damp cloth ...
Tiny kitten eyes can often become filled with pus, matting the hair by the eyes and causing a bit of a mess. To clean a kitten's eyes, you simply need a soft cloth ...
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