Why is my knee buckling?


Knee buckling can be a symptom or a knee injury that needs medical attention. This is commonly caused by a tear of your cruciate ligaments in the center of your knee. Symptoms usually include swelling after an injury that may have included a popping sound. You should seek medical advice to be sure everything is okay. If left untreated it could make the injury worse and take longer to heal. If you cannot walk at all without your knee buckling you should go to your local emergency room for treatment.
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If you have a knee sprain, your knee can buckle sideways. Knee collapsing, could be a torn
I would first wonder about her conformation. A horse that is built "over at the knee" is referred to as having "bucked knees" This is caused by malposition of
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Hi! My brother is 30 years old and is overweight. For about 3 weeks now, he has been having problems walking well, he complains that he's knees buckle and he almost falls on the .
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